Sun Smarts

Sun Smarts

With endless summer activities to keep you out frolicking in the sun from dawn ‘til dusk, Florida singlehandedly takes the cake when it comes to outdoor sports and leisure. Golfing, fishing, boating, surfing, skiing – the possibilities are endless. So too, though, are the possibilities for serious sunburn. Many vacationers and sports enthusiasts forget that swimming isn’t the only instance that calls for sunscreen. With that much heat exposure you have to be smart in the sun. Here are the top ways to stay shielded from the sun in style, based on just what you wear.

Applying sunscreen to the face can be more sensitive and can lead to problems if you’re sweating profusely. Stay covered up with a straw hat that generously shades your face from sunlight in order to last longer in the sun and still look great. Wide brims are perfectly permissible as long as the spirit of the hat itself belies fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. For the ladies, this ombre floppy hat is bursting with fun summertime color and skillfully crafted to provide stylish sun protection. For the gents, this Salt Life sun hat does a great job of conveying an oceanic feel with its pinched crown and woven logo, all while providing ample protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Sunglasses are a practical sunlight deterrent, but as any fashion aficionado knows, it’s of key importance to choose flattering sunglasses for any occasion. Sunglasses are a shortcut to looking suave and put together with minimal effort, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. For relaxing poolside, go with a bit more design and flair – roll out in some animal stripe sunglasses with silver accents to make a statement without squinting. For your hubby, you can pick up some classic Dockers pilot sunglasses. Current men’s trends favor the aviator or pilot look, and with his likelihood to misplace them this style will be easier on the wallet.

Finally, be sure to pick up some long-sleeve performance wear with built in SPF sun protection to ensure you go home burn-free. The long sleeve protection shirt can look as sleek and fabulous as a tanktop, but provides much more direct sun blocking. Follow these tips to stay sunburn-free this summer.

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