5 Florida-Friendly Fall Fashion Trends

5 Florida-Friendly Fall Fashion Trends

Though the recent New York Fashion Week gave us a preview of 2018 spring styles, the influencers and celebrities who flocked to the Big Apple sported all the latest fall trends.

Of course, some of the trends are not as Florida fall friendly as others. So, here’s a pared down list of the hottest fall fashions, and how to wear them the Florida way.


Victorian collars

This season, high collars are all the rage – the frillier the better. While the Florida heat is still going strong, you can wear this trend comfortably by opting for a lace or sheer collar and going sleeveless. Lighter fabrics and short sleeves also work!

Victorian Neckline


Yes, velvet does seem a bit impractical for fall in Florida. But, velvet details are still on trend and MUCH more practical for our still-summer temps. Look for velvet trimmed tops or pocket details to make a chic statement without going overboard.

Velvet Dress Detail

Muted florals

Florals aren’t just for spring! It’s all about the tone. Think deeper and darker – like hunter green, plum purple, mustardy yellow, and burnt orange – and you really can’t go wrong! Be bold with an all-over print, or subtle with embroidered detail. Either way, florals for fall are Florida-right.


Sheer layering

Now here’s a trend we can TOTALLY get behind. Sheer anything equals less sweat – which is always a win in the Sunshine State. Layer a sheer top over a tank, or loosely tie a sheer scarf around your neck. You’ll ace this hot trend while still staying cool!

Sheer Floral Top


The sporty, casual look just won’t quit, and we aren’t mad about it. Comfort is certainly king! Go full athleisure with a matching track suit, or mix a casual piece with a pair of heels and dressier top. The possibilities are endless for adding the leisure look to your wardrobe. And, seriously, who doesn’t want to be comfortable??RL_Archive_Fall_2017-3169 - Reel Fresh Athleisure


Have you tried any of these trends yet for fall? Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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