Stay Red, White & Cool this Fourth of July!

Stay Red, White & Cool this Fourth of July!

Photo credit: Jessica @housefullofsummer (Instagram)

Photo credit: Jessica Kleven @housefullofsummer (Instagram)

By Jessica Kleven (guest contributor)

In a state notorious for it’s hot and humid summer climate, residents can understand the importance of staying comfortable while enjoying those fun Independence Day activities! Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks for staying cool (and patriotic!) while still enjoying all that the beach-life has to offer!

  1. Whether you’re dining al fresco or just enjoying cocktails at a beach bar, opt for frozen drinks to help lower your body temperature, but don’t forget to stay hydrated with h2o in between those icy libations! Not only will you stay cooler, but you’ll maintain more energy as the day goes on. Missing out on the fireworks show because of a headache caused by heat exposure is no fun! Stay hydrated and stay in the game!
  2. Don’t sacrifice style or your patriotism this Independence Day! Wear loose fitting clothing made of light fabric, or even opt for a lightly-woven cover-up worn over your bathing suit if you’re heading out after the beach. You’ll most likely be walking longer distances, since most parking on holidays tends to come at a premium, and your feet will thank you if you make sure to bring a comfy pair of sandals. After all, beach style is all about comfort and relaxation!
  3. Eat! That’s something you don’t have to tell me twice. In between all the fun in the sun and perhaps a cold adult beverage here and there, it’s easy to forget to fuel your body with the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy and active. Smaller snacks and/or appetizers every few hours are always a good idea! If you’re spending time at the beach, pack snacks inside your beach bag or cooler. Granola bars, assorted nuts, apples and bananas are super healthy options to eat on the go. You may even find them stuffed inside my purse at any given time. You know, just in case hunger strikes 😉
  4. Do check the forecast! Many fireworks shows and Independence Day events will still carry on if there is just rain but no lightning, so be prepared with a compact umbrella if rain is predicted in your area.

Taking just a few moments to plan ahead will be well worth it when you’re out enjoying yourself!

Don’t forget to show us how you’re staying red, white and cool this 4th of July by using #BeallsLovesFL in your posts on Instagram! Have a fun and safe holiday!


About our guest contributor:

Jessica is a Northerner by birth and a Southerner by choice. She most likely can be found soaking up sun on the beach, decorating her house or snapping photos of her dog. Home is her favorite place to be and her goal is to create a life she won’t need a vacation from. For a peek into her Florida home and lifestyle, you can follow Jessica on Instagram at @housefullofsummer

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