Florida Fall Foliage

Florida Fall Foliage

We’re well over a month into fall – but fall in Florida doesn’t exactly feel like fall.

Sure, we put on our ankle boots, add (lightweight!) scarves to accessorize, and even indulge in the occasional (errrr, everyday) pumpkin spice latte. But, in reality, it’s all about FOMO (fear of missing out) – not a practical need to combat cooler weather. Still in the midst of our endless summer, we’re wishing for those fall feels, too!

Fall foliage is definitely an area where Florida is lacking. Especially for those northern transplants, it just doesn’t seem like autumn without experiencing the changing of the leaves. So what’s a fall-color-deprived Floridian to do??

Some travel out of state – to basically anywhere north of here. But, for those who can’t or don’t want to go that distance, there are options! While most of Florida stays lush and green all year, deciduous trees in the more northern regions of the state do react to the slightly cooler temps. Those slightly cooler temps don’t typically hit till November, so we gotta wait.

According to Only In Your State, here’s a list of deciduous trees in Florida that show off the most vibrant color: Red maple, sugarberry, persimmon, sweet gum, Florida maple, flowering dogwood, sorrel tree, sassafras, cypress.

OR, rather than hunt all these trees down around the state, you could just head to one of two state parks in north Florida – each guaranteed to give you views!

In the panhandle, visit Torreya State Park (Bristol, Florida). Not only will November bring out the color, but you’ll also observe it from atop high bluffs! These are the Florida equivalent of mountains, so definitely a must-see in this pancake of a state.

Over in the northeast corner, you can’t go wrong with Three Rivers State Park (Sneads, FL). As its name suggests, three rivers – well, two rivers and a lake – converge here. That, paired with the leaves, makes for a quintessentially fall scenic escape!


Where do you go to see fall color? Is it a go-to spot in Florida, or do you venture out of state?

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