Creating a Glam Coastal Christmas

Creating a Glam Coastal Christmas

By Jessica Kleven (guest contributor)


One thing I absolutely love about the holiday season is changing up the entire ambiance of my home. If you’ve followed along on Instagram this year, you know I love my tropical, beachy vibes with fresh palms everywhere I can put them. And why not? After all, I live in Florida! But for Christmas, I’m all about abandoning the blue accents you’ll find in the summer months and replacing them with all things bling! Silver and gold are my go-to accents and I love things that sparkle with the glow of the Christmas lights and candles!

This year, Bealls Florida was my one-stop-shop for neutral, glam Christmas decorations and I can’t wait to show you how I incorporated them into my home!

I found these pillows for a great price at my local Bealls store! They perfectly fit in with the look I’m going for – cozy and inviting with a little dash of fancy.

Bealls Christmas (1)

Aren’t the tassels so cute? I strategically placed this “oh so very merry” pillow in a basket right in front of a wall outlet by my Christmas tree, so that it will disguise the Christmas tree scented air-freshener. But that can be our little secret.

Bealls Christmas (2)

Bealls Christmas (3)

These pillows came in various shapes and sizes with cute Christmas sayings and shells on them in a metallic print. I placed one under the mantel to add a little more texture and interest to the space.

Bealls Christmas (4)

Bealls Christmas (5)

I fell in love with this Brighten the Season Gold Sitting Reindeer Figurine as soon as I saw it. I know, reindeer aren’t exactly a part of “coastal” decor, but they sure are a part of Santa’s world, and that’s reason enough for me to include them!

Bealls Christmas (6)

Bealls Christmas (7)

Adding coastal-inspired items in gold and silver throughout your home is a great way to keep your Christmas decor looking classy! In addition to the gold sparkly reindeer figurine, this Brighten the Season Sea Urchin Tree Decoration sparkles with the Christmas lights and goes well with my neutral decor.

Bealls Christmas (8)

Although it’s certainly “beachy”, it’s shiny exterior compliments my neutral decor and shines with the Christmas lights to add that little touch of glam I love so much this time of year!

Bealls Christmas (9)

Another perfect example of coastal-glam decor is this Brighten the Season Shell with Jewelry Ornament. Christmas tree ornaments aren’t just for the tree, either. You can string them from your chandeliers, hang them from your mantel garland, adorn your stockings with them, or set them in decorative trays around the house.

Bealls Christmas (10)

No matter what type of coastal look you’re trying to achieve, you can always count on starfish and seashells to fit in perfectly with any display! During the holidays, I use shell garlands for my Christmas trees. One seems to be the perfect length for my 7 foot pencil trees that are placed in tight corners. My favorite part about this Brighten the Season Shell & Star Garland is that you don’t have to pack it away when Christmas is over!

Bealls Christmas (11)

Bealls Christmas (12)

Lastly, a great way to decorate tabletops for the holidays is by using miniature Christmas trees! This Brighten the Season 24” Shell Mini Christmas Tree is perfect for our guest room, which always has more of a “beach vacation” vibe to it. Glittery starfish, sea fans and shells are the perfect ornaments for this tree. The large burlap bow topper is one that I added myself. I swapped it off of an old wreath that I transformed for our foyer. You can see my Christmas Home Tour and the rest of my decorations here.

Bealls Christmas (13)

I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoyed seeing the “classier” side of coastal this Christmas!
Sending Sunshine,


Jessica is a Northerner by birth and a Southerner by choice. She most likely can be found soaking up sun on the beach, decorating her house or snapping photos of her dog. Home is her favorite place to be and her goal is to create a life she won’t need a vacation from. For a peek into her Florida home and lifestyle, you can follow Jessica on Instagram at @housefullofsummer and check out her blog at  

Disclaimer: Jessica was reimbursed by Bealls Florida for the products selected and reviewed in this blog post. All opinions are her own.

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