Keep it Cooler with Florida’s Best Frozen Treats

Keep it Cooler with Florida’s Best Frozen Treats

Staying cool in Florida can feel like a full-time job, especially when that summertime humidity is in full force. Until science figures out how to air condition us outside, we’ll do everything in our own power to beat that heat!

Active summer folks have it particularly rough. The sweat is real. Fortunately, science has graced us with quick dry, moisture-wicking performance wear to make outdoor activities a whole lot more tolerable. Sweat be gone! Our exclusive Reel Legends line offers a collection of Keep It Cool gear, designed specifically for this purpose. We need all the help we can get, right?

But, all practicalities aside, sometimes indulging in a sweet, frozen treat is the only acceptable way to take our minds off the heat. We’re so on board with this option that we compiled a list of the best frozen desserts in Florida – in our humble opinion, of course.

Let’s start with Dole Whip®. A Magic Kingdom must, this stuff has a legitimate cult following. Check out #dolewhip if you don’t believe us. To cool off with this creamy, pineapple soft serve delight, visit Aloha Isle in Adventureland the next time you’re at Disney.

Keep It Cooler - Dole Whip @randallmarkk

Photo credit: Randy @randallmarkk on Instagram

Another Florida-must is frozen Key lime pie on a stick. You’ve no doubt tried the pie itself, but if you haven’t had it frozen AND covered in chocolate, you haven’t lived. For the very best, you gotta visit The Keys. We recommend Key West Key Lime Pie Co. or Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe.

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Photo credit: @city.eats on Instagram

If bold, fruity flavors aren’t your fave, we’ve got just the thing for you: mega milkshakes! Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal CityWalk in Orlando offers unbelievably large milkshakes topped with other desserts, like red velvet cupcakes, brownies, and rice crispy treats. Sharing is totally optional!

Feeling nostalgic? Jaxon’s in Dania Beach gives you all the old fashioned ice cream parlor feels. With large portions, sugar-free flavors, and fat-free frozen yogurt options, it’s a win-win-win for everybody screaming for ice cream.

Over on the Gulf, no visit to Sarasota is complete without a cup or cone at Big Olaf Creamery. Be prepared to wait in line, as this Amish, hand-churned goodness has both locals and tourists salivating.

For fans of soft serve ice cream, we suggest Dreamette, up the coast in Jacksonville. This cash-only stand keeps it cooler with flavored dips for its cones!

Gelato lovers, this one’s for you. New to Tampa, Dolce Enigma serves authentically Italian gelato, as well as French crepes – that you can top with gelato. Sì grazie!

Looking for a non-dairy alternative? Check out Karma Cream in Gainesville. The menu includes organic vegan treats, made from fair trade and environmentally responsible ingredients. Or, if you’re closer to Miami, give Milk Gone Nuts a try. Located on Miami Beach, this shop offers vegan and all-natural shakes, smoothies, ice cream sandwiches, and their signature molded almond milk pops for those hot SoFlo days.

Speaking of pops, St. Augustine’s The Hyppo serves up over 450 flavors of all-natural ice popsicles. Made with fresh, flash-frozen fruit and cane sugar, these pops will surely make you feel like a kid again.

Ok, we could seriously talk dessert all day. So, before we let this list get out of hand, let’s end with two relative newcomers to the frozen dessert scene: rolled ice cream and macaron ice cream sandwiches.

First, rolled ice cream. Originating from Thailand, this stuff is made by pouring sweet cream onto a cold plate, smoothing it as it freezes, and finally scraping it off the plate in curls. Try it at Bippy’s by the Beach in Panama City, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, or Mary Esther. More of an ice cream traditionalist? No worries! Bippy’s also boasts an impressive self-serve frozen yogurt bar.


Photo credit: @bippysfroyo on Instagram

And, last but not least, macaron ice cream sandwiches are a summer dessert game-changer. In Orlando, pop into Quickly Boba & Snow for giant macarons filled with house-made gelato. And, in Sarasota, these delightful sammies fly off the A La Mode Macaron pop up cart faster than you can say “noon until sold out!” The cart is currently located at 1821 Hillview St, but a four-wall shop is coming soon. (Ooh la la!) Follow on Facebook and Instagram (@alamodemacaron_srq) for dates and times (and yummy photos like the one below)! 

Keep It Cooler - Macaron @alamodemacaron_srq

Photo credit: @alamodemacaron_srq on Instagram

If you’re seriously craving a frozen treat right now, we won’t apologize! It’s summer, after all, and you gotta keep it cool. We think our list is COOLER than cool, but we’d love your input! Tell us about your favorite frozen summertime indulgence.





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