Florida’s Hottest Fishing Spots

Florida’s Hottest Fishing Spots

With 1,350 miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that the state of Florida is ideal for fishing. Locals and visitors alike are out on the water, reeling ‘em in every single day of the year. And, with chartered trips available at basically every single port, you don’t even have to be a fishing expert to enjoy this sport.

Offshore fishing isn’t the only option either. Florida’s plentiful rivers and lakes are teeming with fish, of all sizes. So, no matter where you are in the sunshine state, there’s a fishing spot near you. Guaranteed!

Whether you’re a fishing newbie or a serious angler, a catch-and-releaser or catching your dinner, Florida is the ultimate fishing destination. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest fishing spots in Florida, just for you!



St. Augustine

  • Head to the Salt River for redfish.
  • Fish the flats & creeks off the Intercoastal for redfish, trout, and snook.
  • Anastasia State Park is another prime location – especially for kayak fishing.

Cocoa Beach/Merritt Island

  • The seagrass flats along the Banana River are ripe with sea trout.
  • Catch snook hanging out in the mangrove swamps of the lagoon.



Fort Lauderdale

  • Hundreds of marinas and an extensive canal system equal plenty of charter fishing opportunities.
  • Top species include: sailfish, wahoo, snapper, grouper, swordfish, and sharks.

Lake Okeechobee

  • As a frequent site for the biggest bass tournament in North America, Okeechobee is a must for bass fishing.
  • The lake also offers numerous chartered & guided trips, plus boat rentals, if you want to go it alone.


Florida Keys

While you really can’t go wrong fishing anytime, anywhere in the Keys, here are a few standout reasons:

  • With guides and captains galore, you don’t need your own boat!
  • Marathon & Islamorada are ideal for tarpon.
  • Key West is ideal for too many to list! But, top species are: bonefish, tuna, sailfish, marlin, and sharks.


Gulf Coast


  • Head to Ten Thousand Islands for sea trout.

Boca Grande

  • From April – August, Boca Grande is said to have the world’s largest population of tarpon!

Tampa Bay

  • Pick a spot under pretty much any of Tampa Bay’s endless bridges, and you can’t go wrong.
  • The flats along the south side of the bay are also teeming with snook.
  • Looking for a fishing pier? Try Ballast Point Park, where the reef is a hotbed for all sorts of fish.
  • For river fishing, kayak down either the Hillsborough River or Little Manatee River. Or both!


Central Florida

Lake Kissimmee State Park

  • Head to the middle of the state for largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, and chain pickerel.
  • Visit the marinas at Rosalie and Tiger Lakes for kayak fishing and boat rentals.

Disney World

  • Surprisingly, Disney is a hot spot for bass fishing! Who knew?!
  • Head to Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon for charters and guides, especially in February.


Big Bend/Panhandle

Big Bend

  • From Cedar Key to Homosassa, the redfish are definitely biting.
  • For the fly fishing enthusiast, Crystal River is the place to go for tarpon.
  • And there’s snook in the region’s spring fed rivers.


  • Hit the entire panhandle coastline for hauls of big trout, redfish, and cobia.
  • St. Marks River is also home to big trout, for a non-coastal option.
  • In September, park your skiff under the Apalachiocola Bay bridge for all the redfish
  • Destin, known as the “Luckiest fishing village in the world,” also has the largest fishing fleet in the state of Florida for all your offshore fishing needs.


Safe to say, we’re hooked on fishing in Florida! This list could easily go on and on… and on. And, of course, the best spots vary by season.

Do you have any favorite fishing spots? And favorite species to fish? We’d love your recommendations!

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