The Florida Beach Finder

The Florida Beach Finder

We don’t know about you, but we’re always torn between old standbys and trying something new. Whether ordering dinner at a restaurant or deciding where to travel, the struggle IS real.

It’s especially real when it comes to our beach time. Here in Florida, we’re never more than 60 miles from the shore, and we’re grateful to work only 10 miles from the nearest beach on the Gulf Coast! Because we never, ever, ever want to take for granted that we live where so many vacation, visiting the beach as often as possible is a MUST.

Of course, we don’t just want to visit the closest beach. Variety really is the spice of life! But, when it comes to choosing a beach to explore, we’re like that proverbial kid in the candy store. Give us ALL the candy… errrr, beaches… because we can’t make up our minds!

So, much to our delight, Visit Florida created this handy-dandy Beach Finder tool just for us – or so we like to believe. We don’t mind sharing, though!Florida Beach Finder - Desktop

So, take a gander (here). This thing is super customizable. If you want to narrow it by region, you can. Want a street view? There’s an option for that, too. You can also click on any beach at any time for the street view, overview, and suggestions for similar beaches. Pretty nifty, huh?Florida Beach Finder - Desktop CircledStreetview



But that’s not all! Our absolute favorite feature is the sliders tool. Four customizable categories – adventurous vs. laid back, family friendly vs. romantic, action-packed vs. secluded, and manicured vs. au naturel – allow you to adjust the search results to your specific preferences. The results even show you the percentage that each beach matches your preferences! Now, if you’re thinking, My preferences change all the time! – like ours – that’s all the more reason to use this feature. You can adjust and readjust the sliders till you find a beach to suit your next adventure.Slider Tool

Below are a few results, based on our preferences. And, look! The Beach Finder knows we LOVE our home beaches of Bradenton and Anna Maria! And, of course, if we want to try a different beach, we can always utilize that ‘SIMILAR’ option.Finder Results

Which beaches did the finder suggest for you? Please share in the comments!

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