From Beach to Bar in a Breeze

From Beach to Bar in a Breeze

Let's Be Reel - Beach to Bar

Here in Florida, we’re never more than 60 miles from the shore – making beach time basically inevitable. And, going out after a day at the beach is just as certain to happen – whether you made dinner plans, or decide to spontaneously grab a drink for happy hour.

Unless you have a fancy engagement, transitioning from beach to bar doesn’t have to be a struggle. Follow these simple tips, and no one will know you spent the entire day on the water or the sand – except by your golden tan, of course. (Stay sun safe with these tips.)



After a full day in the sun, it’s safe to say you may not look (or smell) exactly like a rose. But, a few basic hygiene products can fix that in a jiffy! Face wipes, deodorant, body spray, lotion, hair gel or spray, and a comb are all easy additions to your beach bag – and just as easy to apply in mere minutes.

Speaking of hair, that beachy, surfer look is definitely in – for guys and gals – so embrace it! (You can even search #beachhairdontcare on Instagram for inspiration.) Whether you let those beachy waves go free, or opt for a bun, braid, or ponytail, a styling spray or elastic band are really all you need to do the trick.



Layers are key in Florida all year round. Unpredictable weather, cooler nighttime temps, and air conditioned interiors make a versatile covering essential. Keep a goes-with-everything jacket in your car or toss a pullover in your bag on your way out the door. Either way, don’t leave home without an extra layer, just in case! And, practicality aside, layers can also transform a beach day outfit for a more polished look.



If your beach day outfit consists of just a swimsuit, you can still transition it beyond the beach. For the ladies, throwing on a more modest cover-up or athleisure-type dress is both simple and chic. And guys, pair your swim trunks with a basic polo or button down. Of course, this is assuming your swimwear is dry!



Adding – or switching out – accessories will also give you a more polished look. Ditch the sandy flip flops for wedge heels or boat shoes. A nice watch or necklace is also an easy add. And trade that beach bag for a small crossbody or tote. You can also throw on a hat if that beach hair is just too much hassle.



As in water! Soaking up that sun will dehydrate you – which can leave you with dry skin and even a headache. And, neither are ideal for a fun night on the town. Doctors actually recommend drinking 8 to 16 ounces of water immediately after a day on the beach. Bring your favorite tumbler, or a cooler full of bottled water. You’ll look and feel better, so drink up before you go out for those drinks.


And, there you have it. Beach to bar in a breeze! Pack your beach bag with these few essential items, and you’ll look and feel fresh for your night on the town.




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